Paleo Restaurant Tour

One of the great things about living in Victoria is the food! The restaurant scene is one of the best in Canada that we decided to make a group called the “Paleo Restaurant Tour” where we literally tour around town and rate the food. We usually meet once a month, pick a restaurant based on someone recommending it or reading good reviews about it then we write how paleo friendly the menu is or if it is worth the cheat.

Everyone is welcome to come, we want to use this website as a community spot where fellow paleo-ites and primal-eistas in Victoria, BC can connect.

This month’s restaurant is Red Fish Blue Fish. A few locals have confided with me that they have never been to Red Fish Blue Fish and I think my jaw hit the floor in disbelief. Yes, the lineups are long but there’s a reason for it – they’re amazing! The perfect summer day includes walking downtown, attending all the markets and festivities, then eating delicious fish tacones in the beautiful inner harbour.  Who knew the best fish and chips in town would come out of a shack?

Where: Red Fish Blue Fish (1006 Wharf Street, Victoria BC, V8W)

When: Saturday May 25th, 2013

Time: 12pm -3pm

This is weather permitting. If it is pouring rain, consider the event postponed because the sitting area is outside.

You do not have to RSVP because you wait in line to order and then sit wherever you like!

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